Galaxy Counseling Center offers the public a sampling of services

10th July 2014


Garland, TX – Galaxy Counseling Center is offering a free day of counseling, learning, and family fun during its “Day at Galaxy” on Saturday August 2, 2021 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 1025 S. Jupiter Road, Garland, TX  75042.

“This event is our show and tell, said Stephanie Ward Pierre, Development Director at Galaxy. “ We are proud of the amazing work our counselors do and want to give the public a sampling.”

The Day at Galaxy features guided tours, free therapy sessions, anger management group sessions, lectures and other activities.

“I think is important to let the public know what we do and how much we can help them.” said Jason Carter, Clinical Director of Galaxy.

Research has shown:

¨      343,000 adults and 144,000 Dallas County residents under the age of 18 live with a mental illness severe enough to cause significant impairment in daily functioning.

¨      The percentage of youth suffering from mental disorders is higher than the most frequent major physical conditions in adolescence, including asthma or diabetes.

¨      Half of mental illness begins by age 14.

¨      50% of students age 14 or older with a mental illness drop out of high school.

¨      Nearly 75 of incarcerated youth have a diagnosable mental health disorder.

¨      Only 23% of Texans who need mental health treatment are able to get it.

“We hope this day will help to do away with the stigma surrounding mental illness by showing how we work,” Mrs. Pierre said. “We believe mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.”

This is a family friendly event.  There will be snacks, face painting and a bounce house. If you would like to sign up for a counseling session, you must go to the website at

Galaxy Counseling Center, founded in 1975, has served more than 55,000 families since its inception. Our services include individual therapy, child and adolescent therapy, couples therapy, family and play therapy, anger management, parenting, and psychological evaluations. All services are provided at affordable rates making counseling and assessment accessible.

For more information, or to sponsor this event, call 972 272-4429 X232 or e-mail [email protected]